Trick Training

Why train tricks?

Our Trainer Sonia Keenan is fully qualified and experienced in dog training and obedience, she specializes in trick training and problem prevention and has trained many multi-title winning trick dogs. Our training is always carried out using only force-free and reward-based methods.


Trick training is becoming more and more popular with Irish dog owners. 

Why not replace one of your dogs walks with a trick training session and give it a try? you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!





* A lot of tricks in Sonia's Trick Stars Program give a good foundation for agility.

* Covers basic obedience commands.

* Suitable for dogs and owners of all ages and physical abilities.

* Provides enrichment for your dog's life.

* Keeps your dog's mind and body active.

* Strengthens the bond between dog and owner.

* Loads of Fun for both dog and owner.

* Owners learn to train their own dogs.


The joy of training tricks is as much about the fun and time spent with your dog as it is about the end results.



Sonia will work with you and your dog in private sessions as you progress through the different levels of tricks, from basic sit, stay, give the paw etc right up to tidying up toys, finding your keys, skateboarding, and much trickier tricks!

Our in house Trick Star certificate program helps you to progress at your own pace, Once you have completed the first two levels you will be ready to work towards your international 'Do More With Your Dog' Titles.

Trick Stars

Sonia is the first officially certified trick dog instructor with 'Do more with your Dog ®' in Ireland

All of our Trick training is done using reward bases, force free methods.

Distinction Fetac Level 6 Canine Obedience and Training

Animal Behaviour and Welfare

Diploma in Pet (Dog) Psychology 

Puppy training Diploma


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APDT Ireland membership number  APDTIre 042