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Home Visit

Home visit

Behaviour problems in the home can cause a lot of stress for both owners and dogs.

A Home Visit with Brian can help owners to see the world from their dogs point of view, and understand the reasons behind the behaviour, from there Brian will help to put new behaviours in place and help both dog an owner to develope a calmer less stressful life.

Home visits can be arranged nationwide.


Baby & Dog
Dog & Cat

A home visit can help with....

* Excessive Barking

* Destructive behaviour

* Jumping up on guests

* Aggression towards guests or family

* Over reaction to the door bell

* Aggression towards other pets

* Fear of Traffic

* Generalised fear.

* Intruducing new dogs

* Preparing for the arrival of a new baby

  ......and much more


We can arrange to travel to your home and work with your dogs and family in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

Many problems faced by dog owners are more apparent in the home therefore are best worked on in the home. 

Pricing depends on travel distance

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