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First off I could not recommend Brian and Sonia highly enough! Their understanding of dogs and their behaviours are second to none. I brought my now 11 month old pup for behavioural training as I found she wasn't listening to me and was amazed at what I learned. From the first visit Pepsi learnt how to focus her energy, she grew in confidence which in turn grew my own confidence as a dog owner. As (Pepsi) is such a high energy dog it was hard for me to get her to focus and thought that all she needed was a daily walk but I soon learned that it was much better for her to get her brain working and focus on what I wanted her to do. She was taught "go to place" which allowed her to stay where placed instead of running circles around me in the house. With this skill alone I had the confidence in her to go about my daily tasks without the worry of her destroying the house! From there we learnt the basic commands of "sit" "stay" "down" which were essential manners for her to have. We have recently finished a 5 week course and Pepsi has learned so many more tricks and has learned to walk on the lead without pulling me along! All I can say is thank you Brian and Sonia for all of your help, Pepsi is a changed dog and loves to learn. We will definitely be back for more trick training and could not recommend ye highly enough.

--Linda Deegan


◇ BRIAN and SONIA are naturally talented/gifted individuals with dogs. In my opinion to be 'naturally gifted' like these people are it is a RARITY! 
There are so many 'book/technique/you-tube' people out there. Dont get me wrong they do their job well too. But... When you see the work being done by individuals who have an affinity with animals. You know your in the right place. They are naturally gifted people. To have an holistic understanding of Dogs be it at any levels/breeds/behaviours its truly amazing. You will learn the basics and things you'd never thought of from both you and your dogs point of view. If I ever have a problem or concern CANINE COACHING IRL will definitely be where I'll return to for advice.

--Shirley Moran Breslin

Brian And Sonia are both fantastic! We have our pup Peppa in Trick training but it's helped with everything his behaviour is so much better AND he's loads of tricks to keep his busy mind occupied

 -- Derek Cahill


Cannot recommend Brian & Sonia highly enough. For the first time in the seven years that we have Roxy, today was the first time that we ever had her walking on a loose lead with no pulling & the first time that Tigger wasn't jumping & barking in the six months since we've had him. Amazing & unbelievable how much we've learned. Thanks a million again.

--Madeline Butler

Absolutely amazing! I'm going back next week with another dog! Brian and Sonia explain everything extremely well. Can't recommend them enough.

                    -- Helen O'Meara


I cant recommend this enough to anyone who has a dog. Even for the smallest thing. Thank you Brian and Sonia you are amazing. Such a relaxed atmosphere and how easy you make it. Within minutes I was walking my dog without any pulling such a more relaxing time to spend with you pet. Can't wait for next class. Thank you Shane & Jacob


                      --Shane Dunne


I can't recommend Brian enough, I had just moved from the country to a housing estate and one of my dogs was barking non stop, neighbours complained and I was in a panic, Brian came over for a 3 hour class and I still can't belive how effective it was! Pewter has always been... well let's face it a brat! And barking at other dogs and nothing was an issue for him, just 3 days after meeting Brian he's now the best behaved out of all my dogs! I even had him at the beach today with dogs everywhere and for the first time since he was born I could actually finish the walk, rather than having to leave early because he was barking and ever other dog he glanced at! Brian thank you so much for your help! And I honstly cannot recommend him enough, he has a genuine gift!


                                                                                   -- Sorcha Rothwell

Lovely people. It's finally nice to meet people who actually understands the real issues with our Bronson and to be able to address the issues correctly. We will see u soon again 

               --Leanne Hunter-Ryan

A big thanks to Brian and Sonia who both helped me with my dog BoBo, I have seen such big changes in not only my fab dog but also in myself. Peace has returned to my house ( well most of the time lol ) .. Thanks again guys x

                   Rhonda Byrne-English

My first encounter with Brian was when I was still very involved with the LSPCA. He contacted me offering help with any of the dogs we might have been having difficulty with re-homing due to behavioral problems. As it happened I had taken a little Jack Russell female dog in over the Christmas along with a male springer. They had been left in a shed for 10 days over the Christmas  of 2010, while their owner went on holidays. Angie the little girl had no medical problems but she certainly had major issues with people. She would hide away from people and would growl at people if they went near her. The first few weeks were spent just talking to her and eventually I got her to come into my kitchen but I was beginning to think I would never get her a home. However Brian changed all that. He come to meet Angie and showed me that Angie was really more scared than aggressive. I had a lot of other dogs to deal with and Brian kindly offered to take Angie to his house to work on her problems. As the days went on Brian sent pictures of her playing with his Children, out walking with other dogs and sitting on his couch with his family and in two weeks brought a completely different dog back to meet me. I really had resigned myself to believing that Angie would never accept other people and especially not Children but now Angie lives very happily with a loving family.

The next dog Brian helped me with was a very lively year old Retriever cross female, which I called Sophie. Sophie’s main crime was, that she would not let the Children in her home out into the garden without knocking them over and sitting on them, much to the despair of her owners. She had been taken to be put to sleep but was given one last chance with the LSPCA, to be re-homed. When she arrived at my house I could see the trouble she caused, as she would also rap herself around your feet as you tried to walk across the yard, which was both dangerous and annoying. Brian called to see her and within minutes she was walking on a lead and not trying to trip anyone up. Again after a couple of weeks with Brian’s family she was a different dog, no trying to get all your attention when you came into the yard, and no trying to jump and knock over Children to sit on them. Much to Sophie’s delight and mine she was re-homed very soon after to a lovely family in Dublin. Brian has helped me with so many dogs with issues from their past lives and who just need a little retraining before they can find the right home, and Brian makes it possible to give them that second change. I have given his name to numerous people who were finding their dogs too hard to deal with and were in need of a little help to get them to understand why their dogs just would not listen and did the bold things that they did. Sometimes it’s the humans need a little training as well as the dogs. Brian’s patience is astounding and still amazes me when I see him with dogs and even Equines. Brian has helped me with so many Donkeys and Horses, who also have so many problems due to their past treatment by Humans and he shows great calmness in the stressful situations of catching and loading them. He is a true lover of Animals and his main aim in life is for both the animals and their owners to enjoy their lives together.

--Catriona Smyth

LSPCA, Former Chairperson

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