Updated Mar 2021

With our one-off sessions, 4-week courses or training packages you can manage your dog's training in a way that suits your time and budget.

Full details of all options available are listed below.

Dog Outside


90 Minute private session

These private sessions can be arranged for weekday morning or evenings, or  Saturday evenings.

There is usually a 4 week wait time for an available Saturday evening appointment



Home Visit

1 ½ to 2 hours

Training in your own home can be a great option for some specific behavioural problems.

Saturdays are the most popular days for most people and for this reason, there can be a 3-4 week wait time for a Saturday home visit.


Depends on location

Dog in Action


1 Hour

If you have already been for a 90-minute session or had a home visit a follow-up session might be needed to ensure everything is going ok.

These private sessions can be arranged for weekday morning or evenings, or evenings on Saturdays.

There is usually a 4 week wait time for an available Saturday evening appointment



Burberry Dog Bed

Pre Puppy Advice

 45 minute session

If you are thinking of getting a new puppy or have a puppy due to arrive soon, then we are here to help you get prepared.

This is a relaxed private session with tea and coffee.

Topics covered:-

  • How to spot an ethical breeder

  • The importance of a puppy staying with its mother as long as possible.

  • Puppy development deadlines.

  • Critical learning periods

  • Preparing for the first night.

  • Puppy proofing the home.

  • Toilet training.





4 weeks - 45 minute per week

This 4-week puppy preschool course is run in private one-to-one sessions and is suitable for puppies up to 16 weeks.

"Puppy preschool helps you to get off to a great start with your new puppy. Not only will your pup learn important life skills, but we are also here to help you with toilet training and get your puppy's recall up to scratch with fun recall games. 

We also cover basic obedience as well as exploring fun brain games. This is a great way to bond and have fun with your new arrival."



Trick Training

4 weeks - 45 minute per week

Trick training is a great way to have fun with your dog while providing them with loads of mental exercise.

With our private trick training course, you can work towards earning rosettes and certificates, while increasing the bond between you and your dog.

Suitable for dogs and humans of all ages.



Training Packages

To ensure you get consistent training and continued support we have put together training packages to cover the most popular services we offer.

We are planning to add more packages in the future.

  • Pre-booked dates and times for each session can save you from joining a waiting list to book available appointments.

  • Follow up session to ensure that you are on the right path and iron out any issues you may still have.

  • Email and phone support for 3 months from the start date of the package.

  • Certificate or Rosette of completion to celebrate your success.

Some advantages of opting for a training package over pay-as-you-go training are

Below are the packages we currently offer.

Packages (1).jpg
Packages (2).jpg