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Basic Training & Behaviour
with Brian

Prefer a home visit ?

If you feel that most of the problems are centered around the home. A behaviour session in your home can be arranged.

Behaviour problems come in many forms and can cause a lot of stress for both owners and dogs.

A basic training or behaviour session with Brian can help owners see the world from their dogs' point of view, understand the reasons behind the behaviour, and prevent future problems. 

Brian will help establish new behaviours and help both dog and owner develop a calmer, less stressful life.

Whether you are getting up at the crack of dawn in order to avoid triggers that cause stress to your dog on walks or locking your dog away when visitors arrive,

A private session with Brian can help. 

Common problems faced by owners can include:

* Pulling on the leash

* Hyperactive behaviours

* Jumping up on guests

* Excessive barking

* Aggression towards other dogs

* Aggression towards people

* Fear of Traffic

  ......and many more

Brian Rosney works with owners and dogs in their own homes or at private sessions in our training centre to help overcome a wide range of behavioural problems.

Brian is well known for successfully working with many animal rescue centers and pounds around the country. He has helped to evaluate and rehabilitate countless rescue dogs in order to help them to find new well deserved homes.

As well as filming with TV3’s Animal A&E while working with dogs in the ISPCA national center, Brian has also helped the ISPCA on location helping many neglected and distressed animals to be removed from their bad situations and learn to trust again.

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