Here's how it works.......

Each level contains a list of 12 tricks, demonstrate that you can complete 8 of these tricks successfully to earn your certificate and move on to the next level.

You can demonstrate in person or if preferred, by recording your dog at home. 

Although some tricks are thought by luring with a reward in the beginning, Demonstrations must show that your dog can complete the trick by verbal cue or hand signal, rewards can be given once the trick is preformed. 

Our Trick stars program rewards the achievements of owners and dogs who work towards their Trick Star titles.

Trick Training is not just about showing your friends the cool tricks that your dog can do. Teaching trick is about enriching your dogs life, building confidence as well as building a partnership based on mutual respect and fun.

Trick Stars




Private trick training costs €150 for 4 hour long weekly sessions

Online Trick Star Certification

If you are unable to come to classes and enjoy training your dog at home, why not apply for our online trick training certificates. All you have to do is teach your dog the tricks, record a video and send in your application.