Online Trick Star Certification

Earn your certificates in the comfort of your own home 

How it works ...


Online application for trick star certificates is open to everybody.

Start with the Level 1 list of tricks (below) and choose 8 out of the 12 tricks to teach your dog.

Once you are confident that your dog understands and can perform each of the 8 chosen tricks successfully you are ready to apply for your certificate. (Please read the rules before you apply)


You can have your application assessed by submitting your application form, uploading your video to youtube and attaching the URL in the space provided on the application form or you can send your application and video by email if preferred. 

Once your application is assessed and successful your certificate will be posted to you and then you are ready to move onto the next level. 


There is a fee of €15 for each level to cover administration and postage costs however if you do not successfully demonstrate the tricks in your application you can reapply for that level without being charged again. Payment can be made via PayPal.


Rules (There aren't many)

* 8 out of 12 tricks on the list for your level must be completed successfully.


* Your dog must enjoy the process at all times and never be forced into position.


* All tricks must be thought using only force-free methods.


* Always give your dog the choice to walk away from a training session if they wish to.


* All tricks must be demonstrated using a verbal or physical cue. Food or toys are only used as lures during the learning process and need to be faded out.


* A verbal cue must be given only once and not repeated..."Sit, Sit, Sit" is not the same as "Sit"!


* Video must clearly show both human and dog.


* Tricks may be recorded individually and then edited into one video if you wish.


* Have fun and good luck!

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